Leather resuscitation: or how to give your vintage leather a new life


I collect vintage purses and luggage and I usually have to give them an emergency treatment as they have been neglected.

It is very important to keep your leather items clean and also conditioned. Treat it the same way as you treat your skin…if you neglect it, …it will show!

The best place in Toronto for any kind of leather repair is at The Sandalman Leathercare (www.sandalman.com). They have great expertise and provide an above average customer service. They can recondition your items or they can tell you how to do it yourself. During my last visit, I purchased 3 products (see photo above) that I have been using on all of my leather bags, and it has made a huge difference!

  1. First step: Lexol (leather conditioner) –
  2. Second step: Mermac Mink oil (you may have to repeat this step  multiple times, depending on how dry is your leather)
  3. Third step: Meltonian Leather Lotion (for cleaning and polishing)

You will get more details on each steps when you purchase your products. It’s definitely a wise investment…If you spend $200 or more on a purse, don’t forget to take the time to give it a treatment at least twice a year…and your purse may outlast you!

Isabelle V.