Gina Fratini vintage silk dress

vintage-wedding-dressIf you know Gina Fratini it means that: You are over 40 and/or  you know a lot about fashion! She’s famous for designing the wedding dress for Liz Taylor second wedding to Richard Burton (see photo below). The dress was sold at a Christies’s auction on Dec 14, 2011 for $62,500! It has a patchwork silk bodice and floating pastel chiffon ombré sleeves and skirts, with long, beaded, feather trimmed streamers.


Gina was born in Kobe, Japan, and spent most of her childhood in India. She studies at The Royal College of Arts in London and set up her own business in 1964. became one of the top British designers of the early 1970s, winning the dress if the Year award in 1975. London was such a happening place in that era, I’m sure she has some very interesting stories to share! If you visit the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, make sure to look for her garments from that era.

So if you are not able to afford a vintage dress from a celeb, there are many other options! The lovely silk and lace vintage wedding dress featured above is still available on my etsy shop at:

Happy Shopping and feel fee to comment or ask me any questions!

Isabelle V.


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