Recipe for a successful ‘vintage garage sale’

I organized a Vintage Garage Sale this weekend, and I’m happy to report that it was quite a success!

Advice #1: Promote your event

  • Use social media to let your network know about your event: Facebook, Twitter, your local coffee shops, and of course, don’t underestimate the old fashion posters on the post!
  • I also made a huge poster on a neon yellow sign that  I attached on my front gate. It read ‘Elegant Vintage Garage Sale’, with the dates and times and a listing of the main items. I wanted to warn future buyers that it wasn’t going to be just your regular garage sale!

Advice #2: Organize your items

  • I had a clothing rack for my vintage clothes and I hanged them buy types. I put all of the vintage dresses together, then tops etc…but you can also organize by size or by era’s.
  • I used one of my vintage suitcases to display the vintage purses (it was a very nice visual! Of course, people kept asking me if the suitcase was for sale! Isn’t that always the case!)
  • I displayed the other items, such as cameras, collectibles on a large table with a nice tablecloth. It’s important that the items are easy to reach. Who wants to bend down on the ground to go thru boxes?!

Advice #3: Ask people about their emails!

  • Ask your buyers if they would be interested about attending your next garage sale! One of the buyers asked me if I had already plan another garage sale. SO don’t be shy, and have a ‘sign up sheet’ ready and ask anybody that stops at your sale if they would like to share their emails in order to get an invitation for the next sale. Maybe you could even have a draw for a gift certificate for anybody who sign up!
  •  One of the buyers was so excited about the vintage clothing (she bought 5 dresses!) that she took tons of photos and posted my sale on Facebook while she was there.

Do you have any other tips that you would like to share? Thanks in advance!

Isabelle V.


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