Be colorful!

Flower market in Cuenca, Ecuador

I watched a fabulous English documentary few years ago called ‘Fabulous Fashionistas‘, and I still remember one of the lines. “I never wear beige, beige is the color of death!” The documentary is about the life of 6 women who have an average age of 80, and who don’t let their age determine how they should behave and live their golden days!

Here is the link on YouTube, and please share it with all the amazing women in your life:

I love to wear black, but I also love to wear bright colors. My favourite are purple and orange. My purple obsession is a bit of a joke with my family and my friends. When my eldest son was about 5, I came home one day wearing a fake fur purple coat. My son was so excited and shouted: “Mum, you look so pretty, you like Barney!” (yes…the big purple dinosaur!). If you are afraid of bright colors, at least try to wear a white shirt with your black pants, and maybe add a bright accessory.

What’s your favourite color? Do you have a color obsession? I always love to get your feedback!

Isabelle V.








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