Vintage treasures: going to a good home…

Groom rocking the vintage black velvet bow tie

I sometimes get very attached to the vintage treasures that I sell online! That’s a normal addiction amongst us vintage hunters, collectors, and antique dealers! I occasionally receive thank you email or photos from the people that purchased those items. Today I would like to share two of those stories.

The black velvet bow tie: In October 2014, I sold a very cool bow tie to Brian from Los Angeles (looking very sharp in the above photo!) on my etsy site (Vintage De Paris). He left a very kind comment once he received the bow tie: ‘One of the best transactions I’ve ever had on etsy or in a physical store. Great communication and extra fast delivery. 100% happy. Thank you thank you thank you! I originally purchased the bow tie at an estate sale in Toronto. So it has now travelled from Canada to California, I wonder where it will go next?!

Vintage blue Roger Vivier shoes with crystal buckle

The blue Roger Vivier shoes: I purchased a pair of stunning Roger Vivier navy blue shoes with a crystal buckle at a vintage shop about 2 years ago. I realized that there were a bit too small for me, so I listed them online. The lucky lady who bought them was Melissa, from New York state who was looking for a pair of shoes for her wedding. If you like to follow the wedding tradition of ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,  a six pence in your shoes’, Melissa ticked two boxes with her ‘old blue shoes’! The ‘old’ represents continuity, and the ‘blue’ is for purity, love and fidelity. That tradition is mainly a British tradition, where the four items that the bride ads to her wedding outfit are good luck charms.

Thanks so much to Melissa and Brian for sending the photos and for their wonderful feedback on my etsy store!

Isabelle V.











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