DIY: How to store your jewelry?

Jewelry display 005

How frustrated do you get when your necklaces are tangled, or when you are missing an earring? I would like to share few ideas on how to store your jewelry in order to make it easier to get ready in the morning as well as to make sure that you don’t damage your jewels!

  1. Canvas with magnets of various sizes – This is a very easy project for the manually challenged…

You will need: a blank canvas (white or black), some magnets, embellishments

The idea is to make it easier for you to display and store your jewelry. This example is for necklaces, earrings and brooches. Keep in mind that it will not work for very heavy jewelry as the magnet needs to hold each piece (see photo)

I bought all of the material at my local Michael’s Craft Store, but you can also visit your local dollar store for a more economical option.

  • You have the option of leaving the canvas as is, or you may also want to cover it with some fabric, or photos in order to personalize it
  • In my case, I picked a black canvas, and decorated it at the top with some embellishments that I glue to the canvas. The options are limitless: you could also decide to frame the canvas, or perhaps even use a shadow box.
  • The magnets could be of different sizes depending on the size and weight of the jewelry that you are hanging.

Jewelry display 002

The result is a very clean display of your favorite baubles. Please send me some photos of your projects!

2. Vintage frame with chicken wire: this project is a lot of fun, but make sure that you have the correct basic tools…

You will need: a frame (I got mine at a garage sale for $2!), paint for the frame (optional), a brush, chicken wire, some cutters, protective gloves, a heavy duty stapler, and some magnets (optional)

I bought the chicken wire at my local hardware store. It usually sales by the foot. I also bought some antique wax (by Artminds) at Michael’s (this one is water base, semi transparent)

  • I chose a wire with small space in between, but there are a lot of different sizes available
  • I started by cleaning the frame (it was dusty) and then gave it 2 coats of the antique wax as I wanted to give it a vintage look
  • You will most likely have to cut the wire to size, so make sure that you are using protective gloves to avoid getting cut
  • Make sure that you don’t cut too much, as it’s always easier to cut the extra wire at the end
  • To hang your fish hook earrings, just place them thru the wire. I also use some magnets to hang the necklaces. If you are using a wire with more spacing, it would be easier to hang your brooches or hoop earrings

Jewelry display DIY 007

And voilà! You have a very practical and artsy jewelry display! Please send me some photos of your own projects!

Isabelle V.


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