How to store, repair and re-use your jewelry…

jewelry box for blog

If your jewelry box looks like the above photo…then you need to read this blog…I have been collecting vintage jewelry for many years and I have to admit that I often benefited from finding broken jewels at garage sales or charity shops …From a broken clasp to a lovely brooch missing one small crystal, we often discard our jewelry or just let them sit at the bottom of a drawer.

How many lonely earring,  or other injured baubles do you keep? Even if you are not very handy, it’s quite easy to repaire a clasp or a broken necklace.

I will be posting a serie of blog in the next few weeks about:

  • DIY’s on how to store your jewelry
  • DIY’s on easy fixes for your jewelry
  • DIY’s on how to re-use your broken jewelry

In the meantime, please feel free to send me any question or a comment on the topic.

Thanks in advance!

Isabelle V.










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