My thoughts about Valentine’s day…

When I first moved to Canada from France many years ago, I was very surprised and amused by how commercial Valentine’s day was…In France, and most of Europe, you celebrate with you significant other by going out for dinner, or buying flowers. There is no pressure to buy a card or gift for your babysitter, your children’s teachers, soccer coach, pets etc…

In my early 20’s I was working in an office and all the women were wearing red or pink on that day.. really? I thought that it was a bit much…and then there was a real competition to find out who was the luckiest woman…how big was your bouquet? Did you get any jewelry?

I remember seeing a lot of men , with a panicked look on their faces at the drugstore the day before Valentine’s day, rushing to buy a card and a box of chocolate! Personally, I much prefer something spontaneous…One should not feel pressure to ‘have to buy’ a gift to show their feelings…

Don’t get my wrong, I’m a romantic, but I prefer to receive flowers or a gift from my darling when I’m not expecting it…don’t you?

So, my message is…be original…Here are few ideas that I gather from my circle of friends:

  • If you are not a cook, make an effort and prepare an entire simple meal from scratch…your effort will be definitely appreciated…
  • If you are a parent with young children and feel guilty about going out…don’t! Get a babysitter and go for an early dinner and a catch a play! (your sanity is important…)
  • Up cycle: maybe your husband has been meaning to build that side table using an old leather suitcase…Well, why not go ahead and make it for him! (some great DIY tips on line!)
  • Be green: buy local flowers, buy a vintage item, send an eCard
  • Perform a RAK* (Random Act of Kindness): volunteer at your local nursing home or shelter…

Food for thought: In 2015, Americans spent almost 19 billions for Valentine’s day…Are you surprise by that figure? How will you be celebrating Valentine’s day this year?

Isabelle V.



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