Top 10 reasons to buy vintage in 2016

  1. It’s good for the environment: Less clothing end up in landfills.
  2. It’s more ethical: Less demand from sweat shops in third world countries
  3. It’s cheaper (usually): Real vintage clothing are well made with quality fabric, so they tend to last longer.
  4. It’s more original: You don’t run the risk of wearing the same winter coat as your colleagues
  5. It’s more trendy: Even celebrities are embracing vintage! Thanks to Gwen Stephanie, Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman (to name a few…)
  6. It’s a good investment: Vintage clothing and accessories often increase in value as they become more scarce – So you can always resale them…
  7.  It’s important to reduce ‘Fast fashion’: which is the equivalent of ‘Fast food’ in the clothing industry –
  8. It’s critical to reduce our fashion footprint by supporting the use of alternative fibre such as bamboo, hemp and sustainable grown cotton
  9. It’s a good example for the next generation! I remember taking my niece to a vintage store when she was 13.  I gave her $20 and she was SO excited that she was able to purchase 5 items!
  10.  It’s easy to make the first step: some of my friends think that vintage is just ‘old smelly stuff’…Not every old items can be called vintage…It needs to be a well made, quality item. Whether you are calling it a thrift shop, consignment store, online such as on or ‘dress agencies’, as it is called in the United Kingdom – just take the challenge to visit one of your local stores, you may be surprised by what you find…

What was your best vintage find this year? I look forward to your feedback!

Isabelle V.

Street photos Nov 2014 009
Vintage Borsalino hat

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