Meeting Garance Doré in Toronto


I had the opportunity to meet with Garance Doré in Toronto this week. If you are not familiar with her, please check out her blog at

Her new book ‘Love, Style, Life’ is available in most bookstores as well as online. I know her from her fashion illustrations, but she’s also a fabulous blogger and talented photographer. It seems that these days, almost everyone is a self-proclaimed blogger… But Garance Doré is not your average blogger…She has depth, maturity and substance! The very well organized event was sponsored buy the #ClubMonaco store on Bloor Street West in #Toronto and I was very impressed with the turn out!  I was expecting to see mainly women in the 30/35+ categories, but I would say that it was mainly a 20’s something crowd.

As an avid reader, I’m always intrigued to understand what makes a blog/blogger successful and popular. Most fashion/lifestyle bloggers it seems are just interested in promoting brands, and don’t have much content. I think that one must focus on a specific area in order to reach the right audience. Do you agree?

Garance Doré doesn’t come from a wealthy family with connections in the fashion world. She followed her passion and was lucky enough to reach her dream…It’s refreshing to read a blog that is inclusive of various age groups and that is not only focused on the socialites and fashionistas!

She has a very interesting perspective on society, as she has lives in both Paris, and New York, where she now calls home.

She doesn’t take herself seriously and is very honest. She shared her apprehension about turning 40 and at the same time admits that it’s not a big deal after all!

Thanks/Merci Garance for being so genuine!

You can order her book at Chapters in Canada at

and for more info, please check out:

Isabelle V.


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