We can all look good wearing a hat!!!

Street photos Nov 2014 009
Vintage Borsalino hat

I recently asked one of my friends what was her hat size. She looked at me strangely and the reason why I was asking her is because I have few vintage hats that are too small for me…I was just concerned that my head was oversize…seriously!

A lot of women think that they don’t look good in hats, or are not very adventurous when it comes to wearing something else than a tuque or a baseball hat…

I really believe that anybody can look good in a hat. Here are few tips on how to choose the right hat:

  • Select a hat that works with the shape of your face: For example if you have a round face, pick a hat that has a high crown. If your face is  more of an oblong shape, pick a hat with a wide brim instead.
  • Pick a color that compliments your skin. If you are very fair, do not pick a cream color hat. And don’t forget to try on the light in a natural light
  • Play around with your hair as the hat may look better if your hair is pull back, or in a  pony tail

And if you are serious about wearing a hat, invest in a quality piece. Most of the fashion hats that you buy in department stores are made in factories.  Unless you buy from a famous brand, such as Borsalino (as the vintage feather woman hat that you see above). For example the hat trim should be sewn on and not glued. Also, higher quality hats are usually lined (such as fedora type hats).

I have collected some interesting vintage hats thru the year. I wear some of them, but also use them for display. Remember that proper storage is important: use a hat box in order to keep them away from the sun and dust.

It takes a confident women to wear a hat, so just go for it! Do you have a favorite style of hat? Maybe a cloche, a derby, or a pill box hat…Please let me know and don’t hesitate to send a photo!

Isabelle V.


One thought on “We can all look good wearing a hat!!!

  1. Wonderful article! I agree. Hats are a statement piece and give you that boost of confidence.
    They are classy and fun!
    I love my hats. Big and small. 🙂


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