Give the gift of vintage this holiday season…

Etsy Oct 2014 003
Vintage black beaded purse from 1930’s

Last holiday season I made a conscious decision to give as many vintage/recycle/up cycle/homemade gifts as possible…It was not only good for my wallet, but I always like to be different, and I know that my family and friends would appreciate it!

The photo  of the black beaded purse above is one of the gifts that I reserved for one of my friend’s Lynn’s daughters (each of them got a vintage beaded purse).  I bought Lynn a pair of milk glass candle holders in the shape of angels, which looked perfect in her century old stone house in the countryside. I’m glad to report that all of them were thrilled!

I would recommend to make a list, start today! Maybe your favorite niece collects vintage luggage, or your best friend is obsessed with vintage crystal necklaces! Whatever it is, I can guarantee that your gifts will be a hit, and that you will inspire some of the recipients to follow your example…

Here are few suggestions on where to find your gifts: Garage sales, Consignment shops, Vintage shops, Estate Sales,,,, Charity shops,, your local antique market (in Toronto check out the St Lawrence Market on Sundays at and of course, including my shop:

I welcome your comments and questions. Please let me know if you like this idea, will you be buying or making some vintage or up cycle gifts this holiday season?

Isabelle V.


One thought on “Give the gift of vintage this holiday season…

  1. Isabelle is always so kind with her gifts – we were thrilled to receive items that were given with thoughtfulness and love. Vintage gifts have a special touch to them that cannot be matched.
    Thank you Isabelle for your continuing friendship and wonderful finds!


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