Finding new objects and learning about their history…

Ebay Dec 2014 016
 Half doll  pincushion

I picked up  a box of ‘decorative objects’ at an auction few months ago. The reason why I was interested is that there was 3 little figurines that caught my eye. There were slightly damage, but they had an Art Deco feel that I couldn’t ignore…What I learned is that there were actually porcelain ‘pin cushion’ dolls, and that they are highly collectible. I bought them for about $40  and I actually sold them online for over $200! I now always keep an eye open for those beauties…One of my favorite shows on television is ‘The Antique Roadshow’, especially the UK version. Their focus is always more on the history and provenance of the item than the actual monetary value (they don’t flash the estimate on the screen as they do in the US version of the show…). Whenever I am intrigued by an item, I love doing the research and  finding out as much as I can.I spend a lot of my free time going to garage sales, auctions, estate sales etc…I sometimes keep an item for a while and then decide to sell it in order to buy something else…I see myself as a vintage/antique custodian…

I like to visit the St Lawrence Antique Market in Toronto, which is held every Sunday ( from 5:00am to 5:00pm. When my children were younger, I would sometimes give them $5 or $10 to buy something, and tell them that they could even bargain! It was a really exciting game, and as they are now older, they still have fond memories of going to the antique market!

Have you been to the St Lawrence Antique Market before? Did you get any good bargain or find something interesting? Please share your stories!


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